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Talia Applebaum New Talia Applebaum
Betar Illit, Isreal
CD Title:  Flashes in the Darkness
Catalogue # 07530
Price: $12.99
CD includes 12 Tracks

{short description of image} Flashes In The Darkness
{short description of image} The Task
{short description of image} Sing a New Song

Price: $12.99  

Brian Preston Brian Preston
Columbus, OH, USA
CD Title:  Can't Kill Elvis
Catalogue # 00349
CD includes 12 songs

Don't Think About It
I Can't Believe I Said It
Change In The Seasons

Price: $10.00  

Chaz Ellington Chaz Ellington
Queensland, Australia
CD Title:  Travellin' On
Catalogue # 00357
CD includes 12 songs

Timeless Moments
Together Forever
Travellin' On

Price: $10.00  

Chaz Chaz Ellington
Queensland, Australia
CD Title:  Workin' Man
Catalogue # 00356
CD includes 12 songs

Here To Stay
Workin' Man
Love What Is True

Price: $10.00  

Corinda Corinda
Highlands, NJ, USA
CD Title:  Mr. Sandman
Catalogue # 00344
CD includes 12 songs

If We Dare To Love
The Panyhose Song
I Need A Heart To Come Home To

Price: $10.00  

David Bermingham David Bermingham
Cork, Munster, Ireland
CD Title:  Somewhere Cold
Catalogue # 03450
CD includes 14 songs

Somewhere Cold
A Sheer Disgrace
Alright With Me

Price: $10.00  

Mark C. Gage Mark C. Gage
Chalfont, PA, USA
CD Title:  Hold Close The Nights
Catalogue # 00277
CD includes 4 songs

Hold Close The Nights
Angels Play Guitars
Within The Blink Of An Eye

Price: $6.00  

Pure Sound Pure Sound
Kent, OH., USA
CD Title:  C'mon Pretty Baby
Catalogue # 99126
CD includes 13 songs

She Is
Fortune and Fame

Price: $10.00  

Terry Stamp & Jim Avery Terry Stamp & Jim Avery
El Segundo, CA, USA
CD Title:  Terry Stamp & Jim Avery
Catalogue # 02414
CD includes 8 songs

{short description of image} Jagged Zone
{short description of image} Shame
{short description of image} Yak

Price: $10.00  

The Hemsley-Foster Project The Hemsley-Foster Project
Los Angeles, CA., USA
CD Title:  Believer
Catalogue # 99173
CD includes 8 songs

You See I See
Listen He Calls
Maybe Today

Price: $10.00  

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