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How to start selling your CD on

We are always looking to add new material in our Music Store. ALL CDs are accepted — ALL styles of music. We do not judge your music — we let the general public decide what they do or do not like when they choose to buy or not buy your CDs.
Our goal is to help ALL independent music artists and we would be pleased to have you on our site.

Here's What You Get . . .
1. You get your own Artist Profile Web Page to assist you in Selling Your CD!
    It will include:
    - Your CD Cover Art
    - Artist or Group Bio (up to 300 words)
    - A listing of your Sound Tracks with three 60 second MP3 Audio clips
    - Contact Information
2. We will email you every time your CD is purchased and include the buyers information!
3. We provide marketing support for the web site with periodic distribution of the E-Newsletter (sent to thousands of subscribers), search engines, press releases, radio promotion, affiliate programs and more.
4. We will keep your CD on-line for as long as you like with no annual fees whatsoever. We do reserve the right to remove your CD from the web site with appropriate e-mail notice given to you at any time. This generally would occur only if you have failed to respond to re-order requests in a prompt fashion.
Here's The Basics . . .
1. You set the selling price of your CD.
2. We keep $3.00 per CD sold.
3. Checks are issued the month following any purchase of your CD from
4. No contracts to sign. All copyrights, publishing rights and licensing rights of the artists will always be respected.
Here's What We Need From You . . .
1. — Fill out our on-line Submission Form with the information we need to showcase your CD.
2. — Mail us 3 CD's to get started. They are for us to fulfill orders as they come in.
Most of our artists send us 3 extra copies of their CD which are used as prizes in our monthly Free CD Giveaway Sweepstakes to all visitors on the web site. This helps give you greater exposure for your CD and additional recognition on the web site. The Sweepstakes program is not mandatory, but we encourage your participation.
3. — A one time payment of $25.00 US Dollars, per CD Title submitted, to be placed on Web Site.

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